User Guide

Home  /  User Guide is fairly simple to use. On the homepage you will see an overview map of planet earth with a number of markers indication different types of locations. To the upper right hand area you will see categories and you can chose what you are interested in. Look out for the subcategories when hoovering over the main categories. To the bottom right you can search for a place or kind of place you may be interested in. We extensively use tags, so you should easily be able to find a number of places of interest. Towards the bottom left of the page you can just start browsing and the focus on the map will take you around earth. Once you found a place you are interested in, you can click on “View Details” to see it. Also on the bottom bar there is a switch to change from the map view to satellite view and buttons for zoom control. Any time you may want to go back to the homepage, just click on the logo in the top left corner.

Once you are viewing a location, you will find a block towards the left hand side with detailed information on the place you are seeing. You can share it on social media sites, and access more information. When viewing this you can zoom in and out if you do not like the view we chose. At the bottom left side of the page you can jump to the next or previous place with the arrows. No need to go back to the homepage. If available you can leave comments on some places.

That is fairly all about it. We thought it should be simple, both for us maintaining it, enabling us to add new places quickly and without any fuzz for you when surfing. Maybe we will add some kind of video or featured slideshow/animation at some point in the future, but for the moment it is what it is. The limitation of the system we got is 5000 places, but we guess it will be enough for you to discover the most interesting spots on Google Maps and Google Earth. Remember, Google Earth offers you much more, because there are 3D views of building, you can go inside the sea, discover buildings from inside and much more. It is all free, just at your hands. Enjoy.