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Our planet earth may only be a small object in the universe, but then again it is too huge to travel in a lifetime. Many of us hardly ever see more of planet earth than some cities and surrounding areas of where we grow up. Yet there is so much to discover. The beginning of the 21st century brought the internet to vast parts of the population of our planet and the vision of some at Google made a detailed view on our planet finally possible. Who would have thought to be able to look around our planet in so much detail just 50 years ago. Google Earth and Maps let us travel all over our planet and Geograf.org uses this unique free feature to bring to visitors a selection of the most worthwhile places to discover.

What has started as a small project and page on my personal homepage has become a dedication and geograf.org is the right place to showcase a fine selection of places. With Google constantly updating the map data, things appear and disappear, just like in real life. New amazing locations, be it erupting volcanos, flooding or other things keep showing up. Our team of spotters spends hours with Google Earth trying to find new spots to showcase here every week.

While it is a little bit like a tour around Earth, the point is that we should all be aware that planet Earth is the one and only we got right now. We should treat it well, as it is the base for our life and we should not waste our time fighting each other on grounds like religion, money or other pretexts. Planet Earth features 510 million square kilometers of which 149 million sq. km. are land and as far as we know, being able to watch millions of light years into space, there is nothing comparable anywhere nearby. Let’s appreciate the place we call our home and learn to understand it so we are able to conserve it for future generations.